My 2 Go-to Summer outfits!

It’s insanely hot in Bombay and being comfortable and hassle free is the only thing I opt for. I get really lazy and hate dressing up during Summer so I pick the most easy pieces to pair up and just go with it but of course, it has be something lightweight or cotton. Comfort is what I always go for!

So these are 2 outfits that are completely different from each other but the second outfit is really good for like an chiller evening with friends or going to grab a bite or something that sort.






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So, being a sucker for pastels, I paired up these really cute pink crochet shorts with a simple white top. There’s no way I’m wearing anything black during the day! I love shorts that are cute so that I can pair them with several items from my closet.

This is what I wear everyday, not literally but a pair of shorts with a top is always my number one choice. They’re just so effortless. And I just wore my pink slip ons ’cause I just felt like they looked pretty good.

Top: Forever21
Shorts: Max
Shoes: Koovs







So, this is more of like an chiller evening kind of of outfit. I wore some comfy denim shorts with a black tank top and just added this long textured shrug, it’s really lightweight and it just looked pretty good with the tank and shorts.

I wore my maroon shoes to add a little colour. Also, I figured a choker would look really good as well, so I wore a thin velvet one.

This outfit is one of my favourites cause it’s so simple and easy to carry and it just looks like I’ve put a lot of effort in getting ready but honestly, I haven’t. Haha.

Shrug : Forever21
Shoes: Street Style Store 








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