Travel Look! OOTW!

Hey guys,

So today, I want to show you what I wore on my trip to Kerala. The beauty of this place cannot be explained in words. Whenever I go on any trip, I always like to look well dressed but also be super comfortable in what I’m wearing ’cause I’m constantly visiting tourists spots so that’s almost like being out all day.

I don’t like unnecessarily carrying too many items of clothing cause I don’t really end up wearing all and it just makes my luggage heavy.

I spent just a couple of days there and these are the outfits that I wore.

Day 1



A top and a pair of jeans is the most casual  look. I wore my knit top with my blue high waisted jeans and my boots! I love the most simple pieces that make your outfit look nice. This is my go to outfit, always!

Top- H&M

Jeans- H&M

Boots- Aerosoles

Day 2



Here, I wore my blue jeans with a basic white top. Halfway through the day, I just changed into my black jeans. Black jeans or blue jeans, both go on white so well. I love it. And I just wore my tan brown boots because it looked perfect and were so comfortable.

Top- H&M

Jeans- Splash

Boots- Koovs

Day 3



I wore my loose harem pants with my white top. This day was kind off like a lazy day ’cause we were too tired to go anywhere so we were just chilling around. This is such a comfy and cute outfit!

Top- H&M

Pants- Camouflage

Day 4


7dea5b3f-bc6e-4eed-8c02-ece553490db8 (1).jpeg

So on the last day, I wore a very comfortable outfit that looks like I put a lot of effort to dress up but that’s the complete opposite. I wore my olive green cropped tank with some black  leggings and my favourite brown boots! I love dressing up but I am super lazy so this outfit was perfect. There was a nip in the air so I just layered my denim jacket.

Tank- Forever21

Leggings- Forever21

Boots- Koovs

Thats it for today, guys. Hope you liked it and  I would love to know what your go to outfit is, so like and comment and let me know!

See you soon! Much love!



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