Keep it casual.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-22-at-12-54-25-amIs it just me or do you love dressing up as well but are just too lazy at times? Or just want to look good but don’t want to look over dressed?

I always want to look like the best version of myself by keeping my outfit simple but still cute. So, I wore this comfortable white crochet sweater from an online site, I can’t recall the name of the site ’cause I had picked this crochet years ago and till date I love the feel and the look of it. I’m wearing this sweater with my favourite blue jeans from Splash and my black boots from Aerosoles.

I always try to keep my outfits simple and what can be more simple than this?  And I absolutely love wearing white! Also, for a little colour to my outfit, I like to carry my tan brown bag with me and it’s the perfect size to keep all the things that I need while I’m out! 😀

Hope you guys like it!


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